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Marine Log

February 14, 2007

ACL persuades more shippers to switch to barges

American Commercial Lines Inc. (Nasdaq: ACLI) says it has successfully launched what it calls "the organic growth initiative" of its business strategy. This growth includes both transporting more freight for existing customers and converting rail and truck shipments to barge transportation.

"We have successfully introduced ACL as a shipping alternative to a broad spectrum of shippers," says Mike Ryan, ACL's Senior VP, Sales and Marketing. " We have recently secured over $30 million of contractual commitments for new business in 2007. The new business includes various commodities, including coal, chemicals and metals. One meaningful example is a conversion of chemicals, which were previously shipped by rail from the Midwest for export through the Gulf. We believe our organic growth initiatives will continue to increase the freight that is transported by the inland barge industry. We have worked with many new customers to identify supply chain opportunities using the safest and most cost efficient mode of transportation."