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February 1, 2007

MAN Diesel wins first order for new 32/44 CR diesel
MAN 32/44 CR

MAN Diesel has won the first order for its new 32/44CR common rail diesel engine.

Launched at last year's SMM exhibition in Hamburg, the 32/44CR engine produces a market leading 560 kW per cylinder and is MAN Diesel's first heavy fuel engine to be offered exclusively with common rail fuel injection as standard equipment.

The 32/44CR is derived from the well-proven type 32/40 heavy fuel engine, the first MAN Diesel engine to be fitted with the company's own, in-house developed common rail injection system.

The first 32/44 CR, an inline six cylinder unit, will replace a damaged engine aboard Scandlines' 14,822 GRT, 1,140 passenger M/V Prinsesse Benedikte, double-ended Ro-Pax car, truck and passenger ferry.

The 6L 32/44 CR common rail engine will be one of five 32 cm bore engines in a diesel-electric system.

In contrast to the other four engines, the MAN Diesel 32/44 CR power unit produces a maximum output of 3360 kW from six cylinders (560 kW/cyl) as opposed to 3520 kW (440 kW/cyl.) from eight cylinders. It also features both common rail fuel injection and electronic engine management. With a total of 17,440 kW available, the generator sets can propel the 142 m ferry at a maximum speed of 18.5 knots, while also covering the vessel's considerable "hotel" loads.

Both MAN Diesel and Scandlines expect benefits in terms of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions from the 32/44 CR, especially at part load. For example, the 32/44 CR offers a smokeless exhaust under all engine load conditions.

Lars Jordt, Chief Superintendent at Scandlines, says the application of the MAN Diesel 32/44 CR common rail engine resulted from major damage to the number 3 main engine.

"We decided not only to investigate possible repair, but also what alternatives we had," Jordt states. "Due to the extent of the damage, the repair cost and the cost for a new engine were comparable, and this led us to investigate which advantages newer technology could give us. We decided on a completely new Common rail engine from MAN Diesel, the 6L 32/44 CR."

Jordt points out that, as a ferry, Prinsesse Benedikte operates under constantly changing conditions. "We expect that the Common rail technology will give us an engine even better-suited to these ever changing load patterns, and that under these conditions we would achieve longer times between overhauls, at the same time getting a more environmentally-friendly engine with reduced fuel oil consumption, resulting in lower NOx, soot and CO2 emissions. In particular, 'smokeless' operation - i.e. invisible smoke at all load levels - is very important to us as a ferry operator."

Moreover, since engine maintenance costs are calculated on a "per cylinder" basis, a 6 cylinder engine that substitutes for an 8 cylinder engine, but with almost same power, is an attractive proposition.

"There are simply fewer components to overhaul," Jordt says.