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Marine Log

December 14, 2007

ACL gets USCG approval for accelerated training program

American Commercial Lines Inc. (Nasdaq: ACLI) reports that it has received U.S. Coast Guard approval of the nation's first inland river accelerated pilot license training program in partnership with Northeast Maritime Institute of Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

A new Mate (Pilot) training program approved November 15 can shorten the total time of license eligibility for Mate (the second and final stage in the licensing process of a professional mariner) by approximately 50%. The program includes classroom, simulator and sea time. The end result will be that a person who is new to the industry can achieve the rank of Full Mate in approximately 30-36 months, as opposed to the current five to six year licensing period.

Michael J. Monahan, Senior Vice President, Transportation Services commented, "We are pleased that our Pre-Steersman training program was approved by the United States Coast Guard. ACL, in conjunction with Northeast Maritime Institute, has developed an innovative training program that will enable us to attract new employees and fast-track their advancement as they become future leaders on our boats. This represents the first time an inland marine transportation company has implemented an approved program for its vessel officers in conjunction with a national maritime institute. We believe this is further evidence that our safety and training programs are unmatched in the industry, and ultimately demonstrates our commitment to establishing a leadership position in the transportation industry for our employees and customers."