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Marine Log


December 4, 2007

New cold ironing solution from Siemens

Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution, the UK's leading supplier of electricity transmission and distribution systems, has launched a new ship-to-shore cold ironing solution to enable ships in port to be connected to the medium voltage network of the local power supply company.

The new system, called Siplink, enables ships to shut down their diesel generating sets while in port, reducing exhaust gases, soot, fine dust and noise and also offering potential energy savings of between 25-30%.

Siplink works by individually adapting the frequency and voltage of the power obtained from the medium voltage public utility grid to the ship's on-board power supply system, ensuring a reliable connection to the ship by means of a shoreside supply system with tidal range compensation.

After connecting the plug-in connector with the ship, Siplink synchronizes itself with the power supply on board ship and seamlessly takes over within a few minutes, following which the diesel generators can be shut down. The system can also be equipped with an archiving system which records data relevant to the ship and a software module that not only records power consumption data but forwards the total power consumption of the ship to the shipping company via long distance data transmission for the settling of electricity costs.

The shoreside connection system can be utilized by port operators, shipping companies and shipyards and can be used on various types of vessel from passenger ships through to containerships and ferries. In order to use the Siemens solution, both the harbor and the ship must be equipped to use the shoreside electricity supply via a plug-in connection system which can easily be retrofitted onto all types of shipping.