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Marine Log

December 4, 2007

Aries Marine signs LOI for double-skinned PSV's

Lafayette, La.-based Aries Marine Corp. has signed an LOI with Eastern Shipbuilding Group for construction of two "TIGER SHARK" class platform supply vessels (PSVs).

They will be built to the Aker Yards Marine PSV 23 DE design, an AC diesel electric, twin Z-drive, DP-2 offshore OSV with a double skinned hull to meet or exceed new IMO regulations for carriage of fuel oil, drilling fluids or other pollutants.

The vessels, the first of which will be named Dwight S. Ramsay after Aries Marine's founder, owner and chief financial officer, will be 284 feet by 62 feet by 22 feet (87 m by 19 m by 7 m).

Though classed for international operations, they are expected to join Aries' Gulf of Mexico fleet.

The design is one of the Shark Series, three environmentally-friendly PSV designs by Aker Yards Marine and Poseidon Maritime (UK) Ltd. that Eastern Shipbuilding has modified to meet the performance, capacity and comfort requirements of Gulf of Mexico vessel owners.

In addition to the TIGER shark class, the series also includes two 260-foot (79 m) designs--the MAKO shark class and the THRESHER shark class.

A key feature of the PSV 23 DE design is the location of the power generating plant on the main deck in separate port and starboard engine rooms. This frees up cargo volume below deck by eliminating the traditional below-deck engine room.

This arrangement gives the vessel the space to hold the same liquid cargo volume as vessels of a similar size constructed prior to the implementation of the IMO regulations. The extra below-deck volume also gives sufficient dedicated ballast capacity to ensure all propellers remain immersed after cargo is unloaded, improving DP station keeping during rougher weather.

The main electrical rooms are located immediately forward of the port and starboard engine rooms. Placing the machinery spaces on the main deck provides a number of benefits, including simplified ancillary systems, notably in terms of engine room ventilation and exhaust systems. The design eliminates stacks and exhaust piping external to the deck house, improving visibility from the pilot house.

Another design feature is the elimination of all hydraulic systems.

The new PSVs will be capable of transporting 15,165 barrels of liquid mud, accommodating 36 people and transporting cargo on 10,260 square feet (953 sq m) of deck space. The vessels' large generator package will allow Aries' customers to power various activities, such as remotely operated vehicles, accommodation modules and pipeline treatment equipment.

Aries Marine President Court Ramsay said, "We are proud of our record and the service that we have provided to our customers day-in and day-out for the last 26 years. We believe we can carry out this record and reputation over to a larger class of vessel, and we look forward to meeting the demands of a growing deep water market."