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Marine Log

April 30, 2007

Bharati to build advanced Multipurpose Offshore Support Vessel

Bharati Shipyard Ltd has signed a contract with Great Offshore Ltd. for construction and supply of a Multipurpose Offshore Support Vessel. The contract value of the vessel is US $64.80 million.

The vessel has a diesel electric propulsion system with 5 generators of a total power of 10500 KW (14000HP). The vessel has all the equipment to support ROV / Diving / Sub sea operations. The power would be used to drive two azimuthing frequency-controlled thrusters of 6,600 kW and two retractable frequency controlled thrusters of 3000 KW.

The vessel also has dynamic positioning system and integrated power management system with full redundancy for DP2 operation.

The vessel is equipped with a very sophisticated electro hydraulic knuckle boom crane which is active heave compensated and is suitable for depths up to 3000 m and lifting capacity up to 150T.

Among other features, the vessel has a helipad and anchor handling/towing winch of 300 .

Bharati Shipyard says this is India's first order for a such a sophisticated and technologically advanced OSV