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Marine Log

April 29, 2007

$100 million order for Bangladesh shipyard

Bangladesh's Ananda Shipyards & Slipways Ltd. has reportedly won a $100 million contract to build eight 325 TEU containerships.

It is the biggest single export order thus far placed with any company in Bangladesh.

The order has reportedly been placed by German companies Schiffahrtskontor Tom Woerden GmbH and Co and Ernst Komrowski Holding KG.

Delivery of the ships is slated for June 2010 and the delivery date is thought to have been a strong factor in placing the order in Bangladesh rather than China.

Schiffahrtskontor Tom Woerden GmbH is part of the Oldendorf based Navalis Group, while Ernst Komrowski Holding KG is part of the Hamburg based Komrowski Global group.

Ananda Shipyards is currently constructing its second 136 TEU containership for Denmark's CS & P Skibsinvest P/S, which also has a third ship on order in what could prove to be an extended series.