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Marine Log

April 27, 2007

Keppel Shipyard launches Safety Leadership Program

Singapore's Keppel Shipyard Limited today launched a program is aimed at ensuring that safety practices are built into everyday work processes. It is the latest initiative by the yard to achieve an incident-free work environment.

The Safety Leadership Program reinforces and promotes safe work behavior through effective observation and intervention by supervisors. There are above 10,000 workers working at Keppel Shipyard every day and these workers are managed by the supervisors.

The yard is the ship repair unit of Keppel Corporation Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary, Keppel Offshore & Marine Limited (Keppel O&M).

Mr Nelson Yeo, Executive Director of Keppel Shipyard, said, "Supervisors have direct contract and strong influence on changing workers' behavior. The Safety Leadership Program will equip supervisors with effective observation and intervention skills. With these skills, supervisors will be able to coach and encourage workers to carry out their tasks in a safe manner."

Safety is a fundamental business practice for Keppel Shipyard. This practice is up held across the entire Keppel Group. Keppel Corporation has set up a Board Safety Committee to facilitate a common discussion platform for safety-related matters. Group companies have also implemented the practice of safety as the first item on the agenda for their board meetings. Keppel Shipyard has taken this a step further. The yard has ensured that safety is first on the agenda for all its operations meetings.

Keppel Shipyard is committed to create a safer and healthier workplace. The Safety Leadership Programme (SLP) is a further enhancement of its Safety Plus Program introduced in 2002. As safety involves the partnership and ownership of all stakeholders, Keppel Shipyard has introduced the Subcontractor Stewardship Program for its subcontractors. It has also successfully encouraged workers, with the support of workers' unions, to set up the Workforce Safety Council and Contractors' HSE Watch Groups.

Its customers such as ExxonMobil, SBM, Shell, Prosafe, Petrobras and many others are also actively involved in the yard's safety program, Some of them including SBM and Shell are on board its Safety Steering Committee.