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Marine Log

April 16, 2007

Bharati confirms Swan Hunter deal

India's Bharati Shipyard Ltd has announced that it has acquired all the shipyard machinery and equipment of Britain's Swan Hunter (Tyneside) Shipyard Ltd.

Through this acquisition Bharati acquires fully automated panel lines, quayside traveling gantry cranes up to 180 t capacity, 30 overhead traveling cranes up to 60 t capacity, plate bending rolls of 2,000 ton capacity, bending presses, robotic profiling machines, CNC plasma burning equipment, etc.

These equipments will be used by the company at its existing yards as well as for its Greenfield projects.

Bharati Shipyard has also acquired the 20,000-ton lift capacity floating dock of Swan Hunter Shipyard, which, it says, "will add a lot of value" to its existing operations.

Bharati says the acquisition will help it to save cost and lead-time, which would have otherwise been spent in procuring new machinery and equipment.