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Marine Log

April 15, 2007

Bourbon Dolphin sinks

Bourbon Offshore Norway says that during the salvage operations of the Bourbon Dolphin conducted by Smit Salvage and in the face of deteriorating meteorological conditions, the ship sank at 9.16 pm local time and is lying at 3,600 feet.

Smit Salvage started the salvage operations in the middle of the day on April 15th after a complete survey of the situation.

The salvage team was composed of two tugs with crew and material, four specialized divers and the Salvage Master in charge of the operations.

The ship was first disconnected from the rig, and as the weather conditions became bad (25 knot south-westerly wind and 4 meter high waves), it became destabilized and then sank before towage was possible.

Currently, most of the the salvage team has left the zone, except for one tug that remains f to monitor the current situation.

The responsibility for the Inquiry into the tragedy has been transferred from the British to the Norwegian authorities who have appointed a Commission of maritime affairs.