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Marine Log

April 14, 2007

Bourbon Dolphin salvage set to start

Bourbon Offshore Norway says that following the tragic loss of the Bourbon Dolphin on Thursday, April 12th, salvage operations of the ship will start on Sunday, April 15th at noon local time.

Smit Salvage has been contracted by Bourbon Offshore Norway to take charge as project manager, under an assistance contract, to carry out the salvage operations.

Particular attention will be given to these operations that could lead to the discovery of the bodies of the missing seamen.

Bourbon Offshore Norway has identified those missing as Oddne Arve Remoy (44), of Heroy, the captain of the AHTS, and his 14 year old son, David, making the voyage as a work experience, Bjarte Grimstad (37), of Hareid, Kjetil Rune Vage (31), of Alesund, Frank Nygard (42), of Hareid, Ronny Emblem (25), of Alesund, Soren Kroer (27), of Orum Djurs, Denmark, and Tor Karl Sando (54), of Alesund.

The cause of the vessel's rapid capsizing remains unclear.

The BBC quotes union leader Jake Molloy, general secretary of the Offshore Industry Liaison Committee, a saying the vessel must have capsized "very, very quickly" for crew members to have been trapped inside and that "there is some suggestion that perhaps the anchor [that the vessel was handling] slipped up the side of the vessel."

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate has urged the Ministry of Trade and Industry to appoint a special investigating committee to look into all aspects of the disaster.

"Today, at the closing of the rescue operations and with crew members due to come home shortly, we are focusing on caring for our people and their families," said Jacques de Chateauvieux, CEO of Bourbon. "Hopefully soon, we will also know what occurred that made Bourbon Dolphin capsize. It will however take a long and professional investigation to understand why this unbelievable and inconceivable accident has happened."

"It will be our duty to the memory of our lost crew members, to the world offshore industry, as well as a testimony to our endless commitment to safety, to make sure everything is done to prevent such a tragedy happening again," he said.