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Marine Log

April 4, 2007

Ingalls strike ends

The Metal Trades Department (AFL-CIO) reports that more than 6,000 members of 15 unions at the Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi have ratified the terms of a new three-year agreement by a 3 to 2 margin, ending the strike that has idled the Northrop Grumman Ship Systems yard since March 8th.

The workers will begin reporting back to shifts starting on Thursday morning, April 5.

"We're proud of the solidarity and commitment that the workers put on the line to bring about the kind of agreement that both the union and the company can be proud of," declared Metal Trades Department President Ron Ault. "The workers won additional security against the volatility of the Gulf's economy. The company will benefit from increased productivity, efficiency and enhanced morale."

Among the highlights of the agreement are:

  • A 15.2 percent wage increase (9.2% immediately, 3% and 3%) -- amounting to $3.78 in base wages over the life of the agreement;
  • Shift premiums of 80 cents an hour;
  • Attendance bonuses with the potential to earn an additional $1,040 annually;
  • Cost-of-living allowances in the second and third year to protect workers' real income;
  • Fixed health care premiums capped at $194 in the third year of the contract;
  • 5% added to the retirement multiplier-from 65% to 70%;
  • Increases in vacation and holidays.