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Marine Log

April 3, 2007

More contracts for Conrad Industries

Morgan City, Louisiana, headquartered Conrad Industries, Inc. reports the signing of contracts in the first quarter of 2007 for the construction of six vessels and the recent delivery of a number of vessels.

Blessey Marine Services, Inc. of Harahan, Louisiana, is making its first venture into the stainless steel barge market. It has ordered two 8,400 bbl, 217 ft x 42 ft x 10 ft double skin stainless steel tank barges. They will be used for the transportation of subchapter O and D, grade A and lower flammable or combustible cargos.

Arkhola Sand & Gravel, a Division of APAC-Arkansas of Fort Smith, Arkansas has signed a contract for the construction of a 200 ft x 60 ft x10 ft deck barge.

Gulfstream Rental Tools, Inc. of Morgan City has signed contracts for three 120 ft x 30 ft x 7 ft shale barges.

"Blessey Marine and Arkohla Sand & Gravel are first time new construction customers," noted Conrad Industries President and CEO Johnny Conrad. "Conrad is pleased that these companies have chosen Conrad for their projects. The projects awarded to Conrad by these companies are similar to others we've delivered in the past. We are also pleased that Gulfstream Rental Tools, a repeat customer, has chosen Conrad to build three of our standard shale barges for their fleet."

Conrad further commented: "We continue to execute our strategy of focusing on core projects that we have experience constructing and maintaining our backlog at an optimum level for our current facilities. With these additions, our current construction projects remains very strong and although we have some capacity to start construction of new projects starting later this year we are primarily signing contracts with start dates in 2008."

Conrad also announced the recent delivery of the first of two double skin tank barges for Foss Maritime Company. They will be equipped as bunkering barges for Foss Maritime's west coast operations.

The 245 ft x 58 ft x18 ft 6 in double skin tank barge has a capacity of 26,000 bbls of fuel. It is ABS classed and equipped with a complete cargo loading and off-loading system that includes two diesel-driven cargo pumps for fuel oil, distribution piping, a diesel generator set, and a vapor control system including vapor collection system, closed cargo gauging system, and a tank liquid overfill protection system.

Additionally, Conrad delivered the third of four inland river push boats for the Corps of Engineers. The 3,200 horsepower 124 ft x 34 ft x10 ft 3 in push boat is for the St Paul District. ABS classed, it has accommodations for 10 persons. Its primary mission will be to support the seasonal mobilization of the Thompson Dredging Fleet on the Upper Mississippi. It will also support year round lock maintenance efforts.

The sixteenth ST Tug for the U.S. Army was delivered in March. The 60 ft Small Tug "ST916" was delivered to the U.S. Army TACOM Watercraft Group. The vessel will operate out of Mare Island, California.