Marine Log

March 3, 2006

MAN B&W reorganizes service operation

The MAN B&W Diesel Group is bringing all its worldwide after-sales services under the brand name MAN B&W PrimeServ.

Last year, MAN B&W Diesel Group decided to place the entire after-sales business in the hands of Executive Board member Dr. Stephan Timmermann

Dr. Timmerman is now responsible for all after-sales activities across all sites. He considers the new services in MAN B&W DieselŐs portfolio to be essential for the continuing growth of the company.

"Alongside engine products and our licensing business, after-sales service is a core activity and supporting pillar of the MAN B&W Diesel Group," he says.

Dr. Timmermann, who is also in charge of the turbocharger division joined the MAN Group in 1991 and was appointed a member of the executive board of MAN B&W Diesel in February 2005. He was born in 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and spent his childhood in Finland, Tanzania, Germany, Jamaica and France. After graduating in mechanical engineering at Karlsruhe University, Dr. Timmermann started his career with MAN at MAN Miller GmbH, followed by managerial tasks at MAN Roland. In 1999 he was appointed managing director of MAN Logistics, Heilbronn, in 2002 he became technical director of SHW GmbH, Aalen..

The company plans to strongly expand its service activities. Five new PrimeServ branches will be opening during 2006--in Houston, Dubai, Cuba, Guangzhou and Mumbai.

One of the innovative features of the MAN B&W PrimeServ portfolio is online service using cutting-edge, satellite-based engine monitoring.

The broad network of service centres, which are staffed by highly-trained specialists and enable MAN B&W Diesel to offer its customers an international, round-the-clock service, is now being expanded further with the five new branches.

MAN B&W Diesel recently introduced a new training course for "International Service Engineers," the purpose of which is to equip talented young people with the skills needed in the service business in the future.

The first PrimeServ conference took place on 2nd March 2006 in the MAN Museum in Augsburg, Germany, and served as the kick-off event for the new network.

The MAN B&W Executive Board brought together managers of the worldwide service organization to share their thoughts and experiences. The aim of the conference was to make the participants aware of the importance of presenting a consistent and coordinated profile under the new PrimeServ label.