Marine Log

July 6, 2006

Major Egyptian contract for Voith Turbo

The Suez Canal Authority has ordered three new Voith water tractors and five double ended ferries from Egypt's Port Said Shipyard.

Voith Turbo will supply 18 Voith Schneider Propellers (VSPs) for these vessels.

The three new 50-ton bollard pull Voith Water Tractors will be fitted with size 28 VSPs

The water tractors will be used for marine assistance and escorting services in the 163 km long Suez Canal.

"Our VSPs will be delivered by September," says Andre Kšrner of Voith Turbo Marine.

Like the water tractors, the five double-ended ferries will be stationed in Port Said, Egypt's second largest harbor.

Ferry traffic across the Suez Canal, ferry traffic is busy, especially between Egypt and Sinai.

Voith Turbo Marine will deliver a total of twelve VSPs for these double-ended ferries, installed in five vessels with two VSPs being kept as spares