Marine Log

February 17, 2006

Crowley orders two heavy lift deck barges

Crowley has awarded a two-barge construction contract to Gunderson Marine of Portland, Oregon, with the first vessel to be available for service in early 2007.

The units are heavy lift series 400-foot by 105-foot-wide deck barges designed to handle project work for the offshore energy industry in the Gulf of Mexico.

"We are proceeding with these new heavy lift series deck barges based upon requests from our customers for modern U.S.-flag barges to support the deepwater exploration projects in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere," said Tom Crowley, Jr., chairman, president and CEO. "As offshore development leads to larger structures headed to deeper, more remote locations, the need for barges to transport topsides, jackets, and associated equipment to these locations creates an opportunity for Crowley to continue our traditional leadership role in the large barge market."

Crowley's two new barges will provide both the capacity and deck strength needed to accommodate the favored larger units for deepwater development.

They will also be suitable for use in other regions, including Alaska, where Crowley has regularly performed summer sealifts to the North Slope.

"The design of these new barges gives us flexibility in deployment based upon customer and market requiremets," said John Douglass, senior vice president and general manager, marine services. "Our customers will be well served by the stronger deck strength and the latest engineering on these barges."

Crowley's new barges will be classed by the American Bureau of Shipping and receive certification from the United States Coast Guard.