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March 1, 2005

More Chinese orders for MAN B&W

MAN B&W reports that two major orders, for a total of 12 engines, have been placed by Chinese shipyards both calling for Mitsui-built K98-cm bore engines of MAN B&W Diesel design.

The first project is at Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co. It is building four 8,500 TEU containerships (with options for up to four more) for China Shipping Group, one of China's largest shipping lines.

The ships are due for completion by 2008.

These ships will be equipped with 12K98MC-C engines.

Technical data for 12K98MC-C

Output: 68,520 kW

Engine speed: 104 r/min

SFOC: 171 g/kWh

Weight: 2,075 dry mass tons

Dimensions: 24 m long x 12.5 m high x 4.5 m wide

The second project is for two 4,250 TEU container vessels (with options for two more) also for delivery in 2008.

The 4250 TEU vessels are to be built by New Century Shipbuilding Co., Ltd in Jing Jiang City, China, for Bremen-based German owner Hanseatic Lloyd Schiffahrt GmbH.

These ships will be equipped with 8K98MC-C engines.

Technical data for 8K98MC-C

Output: 45,680 kW

Engine speed: 104 r/min

SFOC: 171 g/kWh

Weight: 1,470 dry mass tons

Dimensions: 17.5 m long 12.5 m high 4.5 m wide

All the engines for the two projects are to be built by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd in Japan.

Mitsui has worked closely with MAN B&W Diesel since 1926. when the first licensee contract was drawn up, and is MAN B&W Diesel's oldest existing licensee.


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