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September 17, 2006

Port Erie shipyard has new operator

Van Enkevort Tug & Barge of Bark River, Mich., has reportedly been successful in gaining the lease of the Port Erie shipyard, one of the two largest on the Great Lakes.

The Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority has been looking for a tenant since January, when Metro Machine said it would not renew its $500,000 a year lease.

The Escanaba, Mich., Daily Press, reports Dirk VanEnkevort, President of VanEnkevort Tug & Barge as saying "we were awarded the shipyard Friday. Our lease will begin October 1."

The shipyard's main feature is a 1,250 ft x 130 ft dry dock. The end 150 ft of the dry dock is covered and has a 100 ton and a 20 ton overhead crane with 80 ft of working height.

Reportedly, Van Enkevort will be paying around $500,000 a year to lease the facility and has both repair projects for the yard and plans to build a 740 ft barge and 135 ft tug.