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November 7, 2005

Merwede and U.K.'s VT Shipbuilding sign MOU

Britain's VT Shipbuilding and Netherlands company Merwede Shipyard have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on naval warship procurement programs outside the U.K.

VT Shipbuilding, is part of the support services and shipbuilding company VT Group (the former Vosper Thorneycroft). Merwede is a 100% subsidiary company of IHC Holland Merwede BV, (

A statement today says that "the agreement will see the pair combine their expertise in design and manufacturing to address programs around the world." The most immediate objective, however, seems to be an upcoming Netherlands contract for offshore patrol vessels.

VT Shipbuilding is currently constructing sections of the Royal Navy's Type 45 destroyer and an Offshore Patrol Vessel (Helicopter), also for the RN. (

VT Shipbuilding Managing Director Peter McIntosh, commented: "VT's experience in the design and build of commercial Offshore Patrol Vessels will compliment Merwede in the pursuit of the forthcoming OPV contract from the Dutch Ministry of Defense." (

Merwede, with experience in building complex commercial vessels and fleet auxiliaries, is seeking to build on its association with the Dutch MoD and to maintain naval shipbuilding in the Netherlands.

Ton Rietdijk, Managing Director of Merwede, says "Merwede can build these vessels in Holland cost effectively. We will use the extensive design, build and operational experience VT has gained on building several OPVs to reduce the operational risk to the end user.