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June 20, 2005

MaK power for BC Ferries

MaK 8 M 32 C diesels will power the three Super C Class ferries on order for BC Ferries at Flensburger Sc hiffbau Gesellschaft (FSG) Germany. The double ended ferries will be 160 m long, with a beam of 28.2 m and a draft of 5.75 m. They will carry 1,650 passengers and 370 automobiles and have a crew of approximately 35. They will be dlievered between December 2007 and June 2008.

With more than 750 engines sold, the MaK M 32 series has gained a leading position in its market segment. The M 32 C, produces 500 kW per cylinder and has proven successful as a prime mover in diesel electric propulsion applications.

In the Super C Class ferries, for example, the four MaK 8M 32 C generator sets in each ship jointly supply the electrical energy for the currently operating unit of the two propulsion motors (each of 11,000 kW), all the auxiliary systems and the comprehensive facilities available on the ships.

At an engine speed of 600 rpm, a total of 16,000 kW is available at the main switchboard. Even with only two generator sets active, a cruising speed of 18 knots can still be maintained.

In addition to the low operating costs and the high level of reliability, another important feature of the MaK engines is their low emissions..

The engines meet current IMO emissions standards and can be retrofitted with the Caterpillar-developed ACERT system to meet expected future requirements for even lower emissions. For this purpose, FlexCam Technology (FCT) or SingleFluid CommonRail (SFCR) are available. The employment of the FlexCam Technology, for example, reduces the soot emission in the part-load range to the point where it is invisible and lowers the NOx emission by a further 30 % below the current IMO limiting value.

The decision of the shipping company and the yard in favor of MaK 8M 32 C generator sets from Caterpillar Marine Power Systems is the result of many years of successful cooperation between the partners. As early as 1970, BC Ferries had good experience with MaK propulsion systems following the conversion of two ships and has since equipped a large proportion of its new ships with MaK or Cat engines. The Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft also mainly employs the proven MaK drive systems in their well-known RoRo type ships.

MaK Deutschland (as the partner of the Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft) and Finning Power Systems (as the Canadian partner of BC Ferries) have cooperated extremely closely on the project.


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