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Titan is mobilizing to remove wreck of Sindar Andalas

Titan Maritime is mobilizing to remove the wreck of the SINAR ANDALAS from the Tsunami ravaged port of Lokh Nga, 17 km west of Banda Aceh

July 12, 2005

Titan mobilizes for SINAR ANDALAS removal

Though last December's Tsunami disaster is out of the headlines, the clean up work continues. Currently, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., based global marine salvage specialist Titan Maritime LLC is mobilizing a team and equipment from its Batam, Indonesia, depot to remove the wreck of the 6,693 dwt cement carrier SINAR ANDALAS from the port of Lhok Nga.

The ship was completing cargo operations at the port of Lhok Nga on December 26, 2004. Later that day, the port bore the full brunt of the worst earthquake in 40 years. The port of Lhok Nga is about 17 km west of Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province, scene of massive destruction in the tsunami that followed the quake. While vessels in deep water were largely unaffected, those in port, bore the full brunt of the destruction--and SINAR ANDALAS fared far worse then most. Of the 19 crew, just four were rescued. The vessel now lies capsized adjacent to the pier where she had just completed the loading of over 5,000 tons of cement.

Titan Marine was awarded the contract to remove the wreck on June 28. Its team and equipment will be on site during the third week of July with full wreck removal operations scheduled for completion by October.

The start of the SINAR ANDALAS wreck removal caps off the first half of a busy year for Titan.

Most notable for Titan has been the completion of the DELTA CONVEYOR wreck removal project in the Mississippi River which Titan has aggressively worked on for the past three years, and which has proven to be Titan's most challenging project to date.

Here are some of the other projects that have kept Titan busy this year,

January arrived with Titan being fully immersed in the response to the ATHOS I, the 60,880 dwt crude oil tanker, that hit uncharted debris, resulting in a spill of 30,000 gallons of Venezuelan heavy crude oil into the Delaware River. Titan, responding as the OPA-90 Salvor on behalf of the Marine Response Alliance (MRA), worked with MRA partner, Marine Pollution Control (MPC) to lighter the vessels remaining cargo, installed salvage patches and delivered the vessel safely afloat to owners.

February 4, saw the 16,978 gt bulker CAPE FLATTERY run aground on a reef while making its approach to the entrance channel to Barbers Point, Honolulu, Hawaii, fully laden with a cargo of cement.

Titan responded with an 11 man salvage team and portable salvage equipment mobilized from Titan's Florida Salvage Depot via chartered aircraft. After ballasting the vessel down to preserve ground reaction and to prevent the ship from being driven further ashore by the heavy swells, Titan discharged 9,000 tons of cement using chartered floating cranes and barges and refloated the ship with the assistance of locally chartered tugs. The vessel was returned to owners, safely afloat, on February 14 and was able to proceed under its own power to a Far East repair facility,

March 4, Titan entered into a Lloyd's Open Form Salvage Agreement (LOF) on the 6,000gt cargo vessel SHINKO OCEAN, loaded with a full cargo of logs, which had been abandoned off the coast of Taiwan in the South China Sea after hitting rocks off Penghu Island.

The crew braved fierce weather to try and keep the vessel afloat, but the Chief Officer was lost in the effort and the remaining 20 man crew was lifted off the vessel by helicopters.

Although the vessel had been reported sunk, the Coast Guard had reported sightings of the vessel and Titan mobilized a salvage team aboard partner company Asian Marine's tug SALVAGE CHAMPION. The team located the sinking vessel and managed to secure a tow wire to its stern. Within a few hours time, the weather deteriorated and the vessel sank in deep water off the Taiwan coast.

The salvage team worked through the next day recovering part of the log cargo which had floated to the surface. Tugs SALVAGE CHAMPION and SALVAGE KING, delivered recovered cargo to owners at the port of Kaohsiung.

Also in March, Titan was awarded an LOF contract on the container vessel GABRIELLE, which had lost power off the Bahamas' coast and was drifting dangerously onto a lee shore. Titan responded by mobilizing partner Overseas Salvage's vessel VICTORIA, which was able to get a line on the ship and effectively arrest its movement until the arrival of partner Smith Maritime's tug ELSBETH, which began towing the vessel toward the Florida coast. Turning the tow over to the ELSBETH-III, the GABRIELLE was safely delivered to owners at the port of West Palm Beach, Florida on March 19.

On April 23, Titan was contracted to provide a Salvage Master and Naval Architect to respond to the MSC KATI", a 38,743 dwt containership involved in a collision while entering Port Louis, Mauritius. The vessel, with the engine room and No. 7 cargo hold flooded, had been intentionally run aground after the collision to prevent her from sinking. Titan's experts provided consulting services to Owners for the damage repair and re-floating of the vessel.

May 11, Titan mobilized a salvage team to the LUCIA, a 38,526 gt Bulker laden with 80,000 tons of coal, which ran aground off the southeast tip of Borneo. Titan responded with a salvage team from Titan's Batam, Indonesia Salvage Depot and worked utilizing chartered vessels to lighter the 80,000tons of coal cargo, which was shuttled for discharge ashore on barges. Upon completion of the lightering operation, the LUCIA traveled under her own power to a repair facility in Vietnam.

May 31, Titan responded to a request for assistance from the tug MAIRA, disabled in the English Channel on a voyage from the Netherlands to Tunisia. With the breakdown occurring 6 miles off the coast from Titan's U.K, Salvage Depot, Titan responded in a fast rescue craft with a five person team. In less than one hour's time, Titan's engineers were able to restart all machinery aboard and delivered the tug, under its own power, to the port of Newhaven.

June 8, Titan responded to the 10,085 gt RO/RO, CAMILLA DESGAGNES, after it sustained an engine room fire off the coast of New York. With the fire quickly contained by the vessel's crew, Titan contracted with McAllister Towing for delivery of the stricken vessel from off shore New York to Port Elizabeth, New Jersey. The vessel was safely delivered to owners on June 10.


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