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December 29, 2005

More post-Panamax orders for MacGregor

The MacGregor Group is to supply hatch covers for four 10,000 TEU post-Panamax containerships ordered by Chinese container shipping giant COSCO at the COSCO KHI (NACKS) shipyard in Nantong, China. 

The yard is a joint venture of COSCO and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

The ships are due for delivery from early 2008.

Container capacity in the 45.6 m-beam design will be arranged on deck and in holds accessed by MacGregor lift-away hatch covers, each shipset comprising 79 panels. The triple- and quadruple-panel sets serve 20 hatches.

A clear opening 12.6 m long x 26 m wide will be offered by the triple-panel cover of No. 1 hatch, while a quadruple-panel set will provide a 12.6 m x 36 m opening in No. 2 hatch. Quadruple-panel sets will secure 12.6 m x 40.92 m openings in Nos. 3-16 hatches and 12.6 m x 40.96 m openings in Nos. 17-20 hatches.

The covers are designed to accept container stack loadings on the panels ranging from 100 tonnes/20 ft units to 140 tonnes/40 ft units.

Sealing between covers and hatch coamings will be by labyrinths formed through a flat bar welded on the coaming, and sealing between the panels by a rubber lip and drainage.

Replaceable-type hatch cover support pads will be mounted in housings welded on the coaming, a combination of low friction material against stainless steel.

Four 10,000 TEU ships on order for COSCO at Hyundai Heavy Industries have also been also specified with lift-away hatch cover outfits from MacGregor.