April 14, 2005

Scotia Prince for sale?

Scotia Prince Cruises, which last week cancelled the 2005 sailing season on its Portland, Maine, to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, route because of mold problems at Portland's International Marine Terminals (IMT) said yesterday that the City of Portland had cancelled its lease and was requiring the company to remove all its property from the IMT by April 15.

Matthew Hudson, chairman of Scotia Prince Cruises said that when the company cancelled its 2005 season on April 6, 2005 "it was our intention to continue working towards the 2006 season. We assumed the City of Portland would finally admit a serious mold problem in the IMT, tear down the building, install an appropriate temporary structure and assist us with a re-launch in 2006."

"The company finds itself with an uncertain future," said Hudson. "After careful consideration we have reluctantly accepted two inescapable conclusions. With no 2005 season and now no route from Portland we have had to 1) lay off most of our staff and 2) list the M/S Scotia Prince for charter or sale. We hope to find charters for the ship but a sale is also a possibility."


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