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September 1, 2010

Enbridge joins CNG shipping alliance

Sea NG Corporation announced today that Enbridge Inc. has joined the Sea NG strategic alliance for the worldwide deployment of Sea NG's Coselle system for the transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG) by ship.

The Coselle system is the only CNG ship design fully approved for construction and deployment by ABS.

Enbridge operates the world's longest oil and liquids pipeline system, and owns and operates Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada's largest natural gas distribution company. It joins Marubeni Corporation and Teekay Corporation in the Sea NG alliance.

Coselle is an acronym for "coiled pipe in a carousel." A single Coselle consists of about 10 miles) of 6-inch diameter high-strength line pipe coiled into a reel-like support structure called a carousel. Natural gas is contained in the pipe at a pressure of about 220 bar. Each Coselle can contain approximately 3.3 million cubic feet (about 94,000 cu.m) of natural gas at near ambient temperature. This is an extremely large amount of gas for a single container.

Coselles are stacked within the ship's hold, and connected using a proprietary manifold and control system. All valves and

"The addition of Enbridge to the already strong Sea NG Alliance solidifies our ability to execute on all fronts to complete CNG projects for the benefit of our customers," said Barrie Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Sea NG.

Enbridge has also become a shareholder of Sea NG, and C.J. (Chuck) Szmurlo Jr., Enbridge VP, Alternative & Emerging Technology, has become a member of the board of directors.

"Joining the Sea NG Alliance positions Enbridge to participate in an innovative and exciting energy delivery business," said Mr. Szmurlo. "We see great potential for marine CNG to create significant value for suppliers and consumers of energy in the many markets that are not economically served with LNG or natural gas pipelines. We are pleased to be working with Marubeni and Teekay, both global leaders in their industries, and with Sea NG to develop the world's first commercial marine CNG projects."

"We welcome Enbridge into the global alliance," said Masaru Kawata, General Manager of Asia & Offshore Project Investment Sec., Energy & Chemical Projects Dept., Marubeni Corporation in Tokyo. "We believe that Enbridge's considerable experience in the operation of gas infrastructure is fully complementary to our abilities in international project development and finance, which will help expedite the final contracting of marine CNG projects that are now under development."

David Glendinning, President of Teekay Gas Services in Vancouver, stated "With the world economic recovery gaining momentum, I believe that the Sea NG Alliance will be very well positioned to enter the expanding midstream market in 2011."

The Sea NG Alliance says it has marine CNG projects in "advanced stages of development in numerous countries, with leading producers and consumers that need to transport moderate volumes of natural gas over medium ocean distances."

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