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November 3, 2010

TAI unveils advanced OSV

Technology Associates, Inc. (TAI) has unveiled its Technology EnviroMax 300 OSV.

TAI, a New Orleans based architectural firm, also has offices in Vizak, India. Its principal is Mr. Anil Raj

The Technology EnviroMax 300 design was developed in conjunction with Thoma-Sea Shipyards, which will build up to six of the vessels at its yard in Lockport, La. Thoma-Sea Shipyards acquired this facility from Halter Marine in 2002 and has been using it to build OSV's up to 270 ft. Thoma-Sea also intends to build more vessels to the Technology EnviroMax 300 design at its shipyard in Houma, La.

A significant innovation is the use of the minimal welding bulkhead (MWB) concept for easier building and maintenance. This proprietary structural method is different from conventional methods and has a higher strength to weight ratio. The design of MWB bulkheads and floors allow for less production cost, rapid construction, and maintenance free & efficient cleaning of tanks. Minimizing welding also reduces green house gas emissions during production.

The first series of vessels are a part of a newbuild program for Gulf Offshore Logistics (GOL) and other builders and owners have also expressed an interest in the design.

The 295 ft x 62 ft x 23 ft (89.9 m x18.9 m x 7.01 m) vessel can carry in excess of 18,000 bbls of liquid mud. The structure for the liquid mud tanks is designed for 2.4 SG and 8 ft vent heights. The target dead weight of the vessel is in excess of 5,700 tons.

Even when the ship is fully loaded with deck cargo, there is an all clear unobstructed passage way from forward to aft of the ship port and starboard outside the cargo rails. This has been achieved without any loss in the deck cargo space. Use of cargo rails for venting the tanks and elevated spill containment is part of a TAI proprietary and copyrighted innovation in OSV design. This allows the owner to gain maximum clear space with minimal additional construction cost. This also allows the crew to safely go from the bow to the stern of the vessel with the cargo deck loaded. Traditional OSV's have pipe vent, spill containments, and discharge and loading station obstructions outside the cargo rails which inhibit safe travel for the crew.

Overall hull performance has been optimized by minimizing wave resistance at the fore body. In doing so, an advanced bulbous bow has been developed.

Continuous refinement of hull lines resulted in net gain in wave resistance reduction by 30%. This means less resistance and thus more speed at lower engine powers.

The OSV is equipped with advanced dynamic positioning systems, ABS DP2, which allow the vessels to maintain position within a minimal variance in the highest possible sea state, currents and winds.

The vessel can attain a maximum speed in excess of 14 knots. The main propulsion installation includes two Rolls¥Royce US255P Azimuth thrusters which are driven by 2,200 kW electric motors. The two CPP bow thrusters, each rated at 1,000 kW, are also electrically driven. The diesel electric plant incudes two 1,700 kW and two 2,000 kW generators resulting in total installed electric power of 7.4 MW. A separate small generator allows in port duty and total shut down of the diesel electric plant in harbor for additional fuel savings and carbon foot print reduction.

As the name implies, the Technology EnviroMax 300 design pays particular attention to environmental consideration and will carry the ABS Enviro notation on its certificate.


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