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June 22, 2010

BP puts American face on Gulf response

BOB DUDLEY As signaled by BP chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg last week, the oil giant is putting an American face on its long-term response to the Deepwater Horizon spill. Effective immediately, Bob Dudley (right) has been appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration Organization. Mr. Dudley will report to Tony Hayward, BP's Group Chief Executive, who commented that "having grown up in Mississippi, Bob has a deep appreciation and affinity for the Gulf Coast, and believes deeply in BP's commitment to restore the region."

Under this structure, BP's Gulf States response activities, which are centered in the Unified Command with the Coast Guard in New Orleans, will now report directly to Mr. Dudley.

"I look forward to engaging immediately with the Unified Command and with stakeholders across the region," said Mr. Dudley. "In the near term, my focus will be on listening to stakeholders, so we can address concerns and remove obstacles that get in the way of our effectiveness. And we'll build an organization that over the longer term fulfills BP's commitments to restore the livelihoods and the environment of the Gulf Coast."

A company statement said that the new organization will manage all aspects of the response to the Deepwater Horizon incident and the oil and gas spill in the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring that BP fulfills its promises to the people of the Gulf Coast and continues its work to restore the region's environment. It added that the decision to establish this new organization "in no way limits the resources that are available to meet the company's commitments to clean up the spill and restore the Gulf Coast."

BP's Exploration and Production Segment will remain accountable for all activities relating to killing the MC252 exploratory well and containing the flow of oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico."

Specifically, says BP, the newly-formed Gulf Coast Restoration Organization will:

continue executing clean-up operations and all associated remediation activities;

coordinate with government officials, including with the National Incident Commander, Admiral Thad Allen, and the governors and local officials in the Gulf States, to meet BP's commitments as effectively and efficiently as possible;

keep the public informed of BP's clean-up and remediation activities;

implement the $20 billion escrow account that BP announced as evidence of its commitment to compensate those individuals, businesses, and others who have been impacted by the spill; and

continue to evaluate the spill's impact on the environment.

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