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June 15, 2010

Milestone Intersleek 9000 application

Application of International Paint's (IP) premium foul release coating, Intersleek 900, to the hull of the 173,400 cu.m LNG carrier Sevilla Knutsen marked an important milestone for several reasons.

Built at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) in South Korea for Norwegian owner Knutsen OAS Shipping, the newbuild LNG carrier is International Paint Korea's hundredth application of Intersleek.

This application means that over one million square meters of Intersleek has now been applied at newbuilding in Korea.

Intersleek is IP's leading range of silicone and fluoropolymer based foul release coatings which typically cut fuel consumption and reduce emissions by between 6 percent and 9 percent. The Sevilla Knutsen application is another in a long series of Intersleek applications to the hull of a new LNG carrier, this time for Norway's Knutsen. Previous LNG carrier applications include the Q-flex and Q-max vessels built in South Korea for Qatar's Nakilat.

Johannes Brynjulvsen, Knutsen's project manager for the newbuilding LNG vessel commented: "This was the first time for us to use International Paint for any of our newbuilding vessels. It was not an easy decision to select Intersleek 900 because of the large investment involved, but we believe the product fits very well with our determination to be an environmentally responsible company. The investment will be more than recouped by fuel savings in service."

The Sevilla Knudsen application also demonstrates how one of the world's largest shipbuilders has easily adopted the relatively new coatings technology at the ship construction stage.

"This is important for us," explains John Willsher, Intersleek Market Manager, "because it demonstrates that the very latest hull coating technology can be applied effectively at the newbuilding stage."

"In the past," he continues, "some shipbuilders have resisted the application of latest generation hull coatings in their shipyards on the grounds that they require specific application procedures. This project again illustrates that the world's leading shipbuilders can apply the latest generation hull coatings. Daewoo in fact, completed their first Intersleek application in 2005."

Such has been the resistance from some shipyards in the past that owners wishing to use Intersleek have been forced to re-dock their vessels soon after delivery to apply Intersleek coatings.

"Some owners wishing to apply Intersleek have sailed their ships straight from the construction yard to a suitable repair yard in Singapore or Dubai for the foul release coating to be applied," explains Mr. Willsher. "Clearly this is an expensive and unnecessary use of fuel and material costs."

"Now that Daewoo has again shown that the application of Intersleek at the new construction stage is feasible, we are hopeful that more of our clients will insist on our top-of-the-range fouling protection at the time their ships are built," says Mr. Wilsher. "This will save time, deviation, extra bunkers and emissions and, of course, money, making our coatings even more cost competitive."

Introduced in February 2007, Intersleek 900 is a unique patented biocide-free fluoropolymer foul release coating and represents the very latest advances in foul release technology. It complements the widely acclaimed Intersleek 700 silicone-based foul release coating which has been available since 1999. There have now been more than 1,000 applications of the Intersleek range on a diverse range of ships' hulls including container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, ro-ro vessels and ferries, gas carriers, chemical tankers and naval vessels.

IP Korea has achieved considerable success in the application of foul release coatings in the Korean newbuilding market since their first application at Daewoo in 2005. Since then, Intersleek has also been applied at Hyundai Heavy Industries and Samsung Heavy Industries.


Intersleek 900 is a product that reflects International Paint's ongoing commitment to research and development. The company's investment in R&D continues with the opening of a new, worldwide product development laboratory in Singapore.

Formally opened last month by Bob Taylor, Managing Director of International Paint's Marine and Protective Coatings Business Unit on the 20th of May 2010, the new laboratory, which is situated in the Tuas industrial zone to the west of the island, will focus on the development of the next generation antifouling and foul release technology.

Addressing a specially invited audience of customers, distinguished guests and colleagues, Mr. Taylor said, "We believe that investment in R&D is critical to the long term success of our customers and ourselves and the opening of this laboratory is the latest in a EUROS 20 million R&D investment program that has seen us build a global network of Marine R&D centres across Asia, Europe and America".

"Singapore is a major maritime hub, and by building our laboratory here and placing a key part of our R&D team here, we are able to build on the great opportunities that Singapore offers us. The commitment that the Singapore government has to the marine industry together with the extensive drydocking, anchorage and port facilities available here in Singapore offer unparalleled opportunities for our R&D team to get close to the shipping industry and understand the issues and challenges that face us all. This will give us a major advantage in developing value added technologies and products for the marine market."

"The new laboratory will have 20 highly qualified chemists working in modern facilities with the latest equipment for measuring and assessing antifouling performance," he noted. "The waters around Singapore offer a severe fouling challenge and this will help us to significantly speed up our product development, something that we believe is key in being first to market with new technologies."

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