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June 1, 2010

American Club launches new loss prevention tool

The American P&I Club this week launched its latest loss prevention tool: the first in a series of web-based e-learning modules designed to familiarize seafarers with the six annexes to the MARPOL Convention. It is available to all club members with owned vessels entered for P&I cover.

Dr William H. Moore, senior vice president of managers Shipowners Claims Bureau Inc., New York, said today: "At a time when the Deepwater Horizon disaster is focusing world attention on pollution of the seas, we are introducing this Clean Seas: Complying with MARPOL 73/78 module which has been developed partly as a response to the pervasive concerns of the international community about protecting the marine environment. Although claims arising from environmental damage have reduced in frequency in recent years, the cost of individual claims has not diminished."

Moreover, Dr Moore emphasized, "the potential for owners and their crews to have criminal and civil suits brought against them has increased in many jurisdictions around the world."

Dr Moore believes that this MARPOL training tool is the club's most significant loss prevention product to date, addressing a problem that is a global concern where environmental protection is concerned.

He added: "This tool is for training the seafarer and making him aware of the current relevant global regulations. The place we have started is the most fundamental of IMO instruments in MARPOL and, in particular, Annex l prevention of pollution by oil."

The module has been produced in co-operation with IDESS Interactive Technologies Inc., based in the Philippines. The modules are specifically designed to be user friendly for seafarers, and are focused on the practical application of the MARPOL Convention on board ship. Further, they can be used anywhere there is a connection to the internet, making it easy and convenient for seafarers to study them before joining their ships.

The system includes a secure online testing facility so that club members can track their seafarers' knowledge and keep up-to-date records of familiarization training in compliance with both the STCW Convention and the company's safety management system requirements under the ISM Code.

The series is divided into six instalments corresponding to the six annexes of MARPOL 73/78, dealing with oil pollution, noxious liquid substances, noxious substances in packaged form, sewage, garbage and air pollution. The remaining instalments covering Annexes ll, lll, lV, V and Vl will follow.

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