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August 19, 2010

East African operator orders third Incat Crowther cat from RDM


Australian shipbuilder Richardson Devine Marine (RDM) has signed a contract to build an Incat Crowther design 38 m aluminum catamaran fast ferry for Coastal Fast Ferries,Tanzania. To be named Kilimanjaro III, it will be the third RDM vessel commissioned by this operator for the 60 nautical mile run between Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

Kilimanjaro I and II are 37 m vessels designed to carry 400 passengers. They are ostensibly sister ships delivered in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

To coincide with the delivery of Kilimanjaro II, RDM Director, Toby Richardson visited Tanzania to consult with the owner and gain first hand experience with the Coastal Fast Ferries operation and local sea conditions. This experience proved invaluable in the development of the design for the new vessel.

High numbers of baggage-carrying passengers called for an improvement in the luggage room facility and access, while the lazy Atlantic, equatorial swell prompted Mr. Richardson to develop a two deck, platform, lowering the vessel's center of gravity. This, along with the addition of active interceptor ride control will make for a smoother ride. Maximizing the beam to 10.5 metres and efficient use of indoor and outdoor areas has allowed seating to be increased to 558 passengers. Kilimanjaro III will be a highly efficient people mover!

Incat Crowther's design team transformed Mr. Richardson's ideas and sketches into a workable general arrangement that, with some final tweaking, met with the owner's high approval.

With sleek styling, near upright bows and additional aft buoyancy pods, this vessel has an optimum waterline length and with the installation of two Cummins KTA50M2 engines providing 1,800 horsepower each, will offer a loaded cruising speed of up to to 30 knots.

Construction of Kilimanjaro III will be commenced late 2010 for delivery June 2011.

Incat Crowther says that Kilimanjaro III's two most significant enhancements are its increased passenger capacity and new generation hullform, which offers increased efficiency and improved seakeeping. The result is a vessel that will carry more passengers at less cost per-passenger to the operator.

As well as supplementing the operational capacity on the Zanzibar - Dar Es Salaam run at a higher service speed, Coastal Fast Ferries plan to use the vessel to expand its operation by extending the route to the island of Pemba. Kilimanjaro III is specifically suited for this added offshore work.

Kilimanjaro III will offer its 558 passengers a mix of seating levels and styles. The main deck passenger deck features 249 economy class seats, with those nearest the aft kiosk equipped with tables. The aft end of the main deck has been reconfigured with a larger luggage room, located directly adjacent to the side crew ramps to speed up turn around.

The upper deck has outdoor seats for 107 passengers. Amidships there is a first class cabin with 74 seats. The sundeck has seats for a further 60 passengers.

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