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April 30, 2010

Chris Bollinger takes SCA Chair

The Shipbuilders Council of America (SCA) announced today that Chris Bollinger, executive vice president at Bollinger Shipyards, Inc., has been elected its new chair. Mr. Bollinger takes the leadership role of the Council after another successful year that saw increased membership, increased levels of participation and unprecedented visibility under the chairmanship of Herschel Vinyard, vice president of Atlantic Marine Holding Company. Frank Foti, chief executive officer of Vigor Industrial LLC, was elected vice-chair. The elections occurred during the Council's annual Spring General Membership Meeting, held April 26 - 28, in Washington, D.C.

Past chair Herschel Vinyard commented, "Over the past year, it was an honor to serve as chairman of this association. SCA is now more than ever the go-to organization for issues affecting the shipyard industry. As it continues to grow and take on ever challenging and broader efforts, I have no doubt that the SCA is in good hands."

"I am excited about my chairmanship of the SCA and I look forward to working on the important issues facing our industry," said Mr. Bollinger. "I commend Herschel on the successes during the past year and am confident that we are well prepared for the road ahead."

SCA President Matt Paxton praised the outgoing chair for his leadership and commitment to the Council's work. "There is no doubt Herschel's dedication promoting the Council's priorities leaves newbuild and repair shipyards better positioned for both the opportunities and challenges facing the U.S. shipyard industry." Looking forward, Mr. Paxton added, "Chris Bollinger and Frank Foti will pick up right where Herschel left off, providing strong and determined leadership for SCA during a time when potential new markets for the shipbuilding and repair industry are on the horizon."

SCA is the largest and most broadly-based trade association representing the U.S. shipyard industry. SCA members build, repair and service America's fleet of commercial vessels. Member companies constitute the shipyard industrial base that maintains and repairs Navy ships and other government craft, in addition to building vessels for the Coast Guard, Navy, Army, NOAA and other government agencies. The Council represents 43 companies that own and operate over 100 shipyards, with facilities on all three U.S. coasts, the Great Lakes, the inland waterways system and Hawaii. SCA also represents 33 affiliate members that provide goods and services to the shipyard industry.

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