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April 12, 2010

DNV unveils new containership concept

DNV has unveiled Quantum, a new containership concept introduced by DNV. Based on market studies by AXS Alphaliner and Dynamar, it is a "baby post-Panamax" of 6,200 TEU with a 1,200 plug reefer capacity. It is designed to transport more cargo while using less fuel and with a reduced environmental impact.

Quantum has a design speed of 21 knots, but can operate efficiently at speeds between less than 10 knots and more than 22 knots.

Main dimensions

Length overall 272.3 m

Beam (at waterline) 42.5 m

Beam (at deck level) 49.0 m

Design draft 12.0 m

Depth molded 26.4 m

Total container capacity (TEU): 6,210

Container capacity on deck: 3,336

Container capacity in hold: 2,874

Dual fuel engines: L6 + 3xL9

Installed power 33 MW

Propulsion power 23 MW

Fuel capacity LNG 5,000 cu.m, MDO 3,000 cu.m

An increased beam (42.5 m), gives improved stability and minimizes the need for ballast water, while a novel WidedecK design with a beam of 49 m at deck level, gives increased container capacity.

A robust, narrow wing tank design (breadth 1.0 m), minimizes steel weight while providing sufficient damage stability

The optimized hull form and bulb has a low block coefficient (Cb = 0.57)

The ship's lightweight is significantly reduced by using sandwich composite materials

A re-designed power production plant facilitates the use of low carbon fuels such as LNG. Propulsion is provided by two electrical driven Azimuth Pods aft, eliminating the need for aft thrusters and a rudder. A space saving arrangement provides room for large LNG tanks

"Even if it would be possible to realise the Quantum within three to five years, this is a concept ship designed to stir up a debate about shipping innovation," says Tor Svensen, the president and chief operating officer of DNV. "All the aspects of the concept design are unlikely to appear in a single ship, but certain aspects will be taken further on a case by case basis."

Mr. Svensen adds: "We all know that the shipping industry is facing tough times. But now is the time for innovation and a focus on new solutions. DNV has a strong technical and financial platform. This platform is to be used to solve problems we all are facing, especially the environmental challenges."

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