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April 8, 2010

PGS names new 3D seismic vessel

In a ceremony in Vigo, Spain, today, Petroleum Geo Services named its new 3D seismic vessel, the 10-streamer PGS Apollo. Built by shipbuilder Factorias Vulcano SA, the vessel offers a powerful and efficient 3D platform.

PGS Apollo, equipped with 10 full length streamers and 12 streamer reels, is a purpose-built and efficient seismic ship in the medium capacity segment. PGS says the vessel will be a valuable supplement to its high capacity Ramform fleet. With a transit speed of 18 knots, it is designed to move rapidly between jobs, cutting non-productive steaming time by several days.

Several new equipment handling features and maritime components are implemented on this ship, including the low resistance hull for increased fuel efficiency, a new source handling solution and a central location of the streamer reels. These features are specially designed for the PGS Apollo's sleek molded hull and deck, offering speed, safety, productivity and efficiency.

The ship's man dimensions are:

Length, OA 106.8 m
Length, BP 92.10 m
Breadth, molded 19.20 m
Depth, molded 8.0 m
Draft, design 6.00 m
Draft, scantling 6.5 m

The new PGS Apollo is a powerful and fuel efficient addition to the PGS fleet. Smart design features have packed its slim lines with a power station capable of generating over 15,000 kW, and the flexibility to tailor power consumption and minimize fuel use during operations.

Main propulsion machinery consists of a "father and son" arrangement of two MAN B&W 9lL 32/40 desel engines producing 4,500 kW at 750 rpm and two MAN B&W 6L 32/40 diesel engines producing 3,000 kW at 750 rpm, and turning two CPP propellers via two twin input, single output gearboxes. Four 2,200 KWe Leroy Somer shaft alternators are installed

Rune Eng, PGS Group President Marine comments "It is good to see this vessel completed, named, and ready for action. We are all looking forward to getting her quickly into production in the North Sea this spring. She offers high capacity and power on a small, fast platform and I believe she will be a highly effective addition to our fleet."

In addition to state of the art seismic and maritime equipment, the new vessel is rigged with processing nodes, disk storage and tape drives capable of supporting full onboard seismic data processing.

The PGS Apollo will enter production, after a brief shakedown, with a 10 streamer project in the North Sea.

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