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July 16, 2009

MARAD awards 67 shipyards $98 million in Recovery Act grants

Subsequent to the posting of the information that follows on the U.S. Maritime Administration's Recovery Act web page, that page "vanished" for several days. On July 22 it reappeared minus the list that appears here and with the news that " on July 22, 2009, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood issued this statement:'In reviewing the $98 million small shipyard grant program, I have determined that the process used to evaluate the applications was incomplete.

'We are instituting a process that complies with the statutory instruction to consider the economic conditions of the communities where these shipyards are located. This will include examining the unemployment rate and other available economic data. We will go back and review every application and give applicants the opportunity to provide additional information if necessary.

'We will meet our August 17 deadline for distributing these Recovery Act dollars to shipyards around the country.'

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has announced that 67 U.S. shipyards will receive grants totaling $98 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) funds for improvements to shipyard equipment and infrastructure, as well as training for employees. The grants are being made via the U.S. Maritime Administration Small Shipyard Grant Program.

The grants will be going to 25 states and the territory of Guam. Recipients, amounts, and purposes of grants are listed here:

  • Seward Ship's Drydock, Inc., Seward, Alaska: $1,088,078 for ship transport cradles; syncrolift controls; compressed air;
  • Master Boat Builders, Inc., Bayou La Batre, Alabama: $2,326,683 for a 300- ton crawler crane and two rough terrain cranes;
  • Austal USA LLC, Mobile, Alabama: $1,807,500 for an overhead bridge crane and a 225-ton mobile crane;
  • Horizon Shipbuilding, Inc., Bayou La Batre, Alabama: $99,000 for a gas and air storage and distribution system;
  • Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield Services, Mobile, Alabama: $330,618 for a forklift and other equipment;

  • Steiner Shipyard, Inc., Bayou La Batre, Alabama: $1,802,836 for a 400-ton travelift;
  • SeaArk Marine, Inc., Monticello, Arkansas: $416,213 for a crane and folklift;
  • BAE Systems San Francisco Ship Repair, San Francisco, California: $1,783,175 for dry dock strengthening and preservation;
  • Bay Ship & Yacht Co., Alameda, California: $1,452,526 for a 90-ton crane and high reach equipment;
  • BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair, San Diego, California: $1,783,175 for the first year of a training program;
  • Derecktor Shipyards Connecticut, LLC, of Bridgeport, Connecticut: $2,947,710 for dry dock modifications;
  • Atlantic Marine Florida, LLC, Jacksonville, Florida: $1,234,340 for steel fabrication upgrades;
  • St. John's Ship Building, Inc., Palatka, Florida: $2,343,977 for a drydock and air compressor;
  • Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc/Bay Fabrication, Inc/Northwest Florida Holdings, Inc., (Allanton Shipyard), Panama City, Florida: $2,986,620 for an Ogden panel line;
  • Gulf Marine Repair Corporation, Tampa, Florida: $4,159,857 for a dry dock expansion;
  • International Ship and Marine Services, Inc., Tampa, Florida: $2,228,307 dry dock life extension;
  • Riverhawk Marine, LLC, Tampa, Florida: $1,290,246 for travelift and syncrolift control upgrade;
  • Tampa Ship LLC, Tampa, Florida: $2,270,172 for a panel line.
  • Guam Industrial Services, Inc., Guam; $1,645,913: dry dock vessel handling system;
  • Navatek LTD, Honolulu, Hawaii: $902,634 for a movable fabrication bay and computerized numerical control router;
  • P&R Water Taxi, LLC, Honolulu, $876,745 for a 110-ton crane, a blast containment facility, and a manlift;
  • Pacific Shipyards International, LLC, Honolulu, $3,964,362 for a computer numerical controlled waterjet cutting system, plate roller, angle roller, dry dock updates, press brake and shear;
  • National Maintenance and Repair, Inc., Hartford, Illinois: $1,180,707 for a 220-ton crane;
  • Jeffboat LLC, Jeffersonville, Indiana: $2,301,837: slipway repair, aerial lifts
  • James Built, LLC, Calvert City, Kentucky: $1,843,935 for press brake, two rough-terrain cranes, steel-preparation machine, computerized numerical control plasma table;
  • Paducah River Service (Division of James Marine, Inc.) Calvert City, Kentucky: $542,526 for plasma cutting machine, CNC lathe;
  • Walker Boat Yard, Paducah, Kentucky: $695,550 for two rough terrain cranes, welding machines;
  • James Wickliffe (Division of James Marine), Wickliffe, Kentucky: $620,025 for a 40-foot lathe, 25-ton crane, boom lift;
  • Intracoastal City Drydock & Shipbuilding, Abbeville, Louisiana: $1,630,638 for a travelift;
  • Houma Industries, LLC, Harvey, Louisiana: $1,793,477 for a 275-ton crane
  • G&H Barge Repair and Fabrication, LLC, Houma, Louisiana: $1,766,100 for a new dry dock;
  • LEEVAC Shipyards, LLC, Jennings, Louisiana: $3,733,517 for 2 cranes and miscellaneous equipment;
  • Atlantic Marine Boston, LLC, of Boston, Massachusetts: $412,688 for a dry dock ship handling system;
  • Ellicott Dredges, LLC f/k/a Baltimore Dredges, LLC of Baltimore, $1,755,330 for material handling, machining, welding, and IT upgrades;
  • The General Ship Repair Corporation of Baltimore, $2,400,125 for dry dock expansion;
  • Washburn & Doughty Associates, Inc., East Boothbay, Maine: $2,659,500 for a new dry dock;
  • Signal International, LLC, Pascagoula, Mississippi: $1,893,087 for a profile cutting system, a semi-auto beveller and 750-ton brake;
  • Union Dry Dock & Repair Company, Hoboken, New Jersey: $577,902 for welding equipment, lifting equipment, blast and coating equipment;
  • Scarano Boat Building, Inc., Albany, New York: $375,613 for a 3-axis router and a bridge crane;
  • McGinnis, Inc., of South Point, Ohio, $1,420,069 for plasma table, welding items, press brake, and angle bending roll;
  • Great Lakes Towing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, $845,407 for tooling and equipment;
  • Foss Maritime Co. (Rainier Yard), Rainier, Oregon, $707,550 for hydraulic dollies, and a 90-ton crane;
  • Vigor Industrial, LLC, Portland, Oregon, $1,582,665 for integrated thermal cutting system, virtual painting system, drydock automation system, plural painting system, and portable boiler system;
  • Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, Inc., Philadelphia, $2,312,614 for first year of training program;
  • Atlantic Marine Philadelphia, LLC, Philadelphia, $988,687 for 60-ton crane, and dry dock ship-handling system;
  • Blue Danube Corp.. Georgetown, Pennsylvania.: $2,973,750 for new dry dock;
  • Blue Danube, Inc., Dunlevy, Pennsylvania:: $365,115 for production enhancements.
  • Senesco Marine, North Kingston, Rhode Island:$1,792,347 for a transporter and four overhead cranes;
  • Blount Boats, Inc., Warren, Rhode Island:, $868,186 for hydraulic shear, brake press, and plate roller;
  • Stevens Towing Co.,Inc.,Younges Island, South Carolina: $318, 533 for floating dock and equipment;
  • Gulf Copper Manufacturing Group, Galveston, Texas: $2,274,022 for fabrication shop upgrade;
  • Kennedy Con Inc., Galveston, Texas: $856,273 for press brake.
  • Bludworth Marine LLC, Orange, Texas: $124,875for 30-ton crane and forklift;
  • Signal International Texas LP, Orange, Texas: $1,313,300 for panel line.
  • Davis Boat Works, Inc., Newport News, Virginia.: $612,097 for blast enclosure, and electrical upgrades;
  • Colonna's Shipyard, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia: $1,963,333 for waste-water treatment barge, DAF plant, and hydro blast equipment and big top enclosure;
  • Lyon Shipyard, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia: $4,542,123 for dry dock repair.
  • Marine Hydraulics International, Inc., Norfolk, Virginia: $259,650 for paint cure booth and computerized numerical control plasma cutter;
  • All American Marine, Inc., Bellingham, Washington:, $297,827 for painting equipment, welding equipment, shipyard machinery, and IT upgrades;
  • Marine Fluid Systems, Inc., Eastonville, Washington:$744,244 for railway trolley, crane, forklift, iron worker, and welding machines;
  • Everett Shipyard, Inc., Everett, Washington:$439,497 for mobile cover and training program;
  • Ice Floe, LLC, d/b/a Nichols Brothers Boat Builders, Freeland, Washington: $841,077 for training, environmental coverings, and welding equipment;
  • SAFE Boats International, LLC, Port Orchard, Washington: $1,115,355 for cranes, travelift, and miscellaneous equipment;
  • Foss Maritime Company (Seattle Yard), Seattle: $621,761 for lifts, forklifts, brake press, bridge crane, welding machines, and hydraulic dollies;
  • Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc., Seattle: $1,138,602 for crane, aluminum plate processing, and training;
  • Lake Union Drydock Co., Seattle: $184,217 for IT upgrade, and steel-plate rollerTodd Pacific Shipyards Corporation, Inc., Seattle: $1,945,981 for training program.

Recipients of the regular Small Shipyard grants were announced on July 9, 2009.

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