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May 14, 2004

Problems with Fujairah bunker s

Fuel oil testing company Lintec says a number of recent fuel samples from bunker stems taken in Fujairah, UAE, have tested positive for contamination by chlorinated cleaning solvents.

These solvents have the potential to cause major engine damage, such as damaged fuel valves and sticking of engine fuel pumps, plungers and barrels. In some cases the damage to the engine may even leave a vessel immobilized.

Lintec is now providing investigative analysis, using state of the art instrumentation, for the major clients affected in order to ensure the integrity of the client’s bunker supplies.

Removal of the industrial chemicals will require reprocessing most probably by primary distillation. The exact mode of reprocessing will depend on the quantity of chemicals present.

In the longer term Lintec is looking at ways to routinely screen samples from ports around the world to protect owners in its fuel testing programme from this type and other contaminants, which currently fall outside of routine testing parameters.

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