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Tug and barge feared hijacked

February 20, 2004

Tug and barge feared hijacked

The most recent weekly piracy report from the International Maritime Bureau includes a report concerning the tug Singsing Mariner with the barge Kapuas 68 under tow whichd eparted from Satui, Kalimantan, Indonesia on January 29,2004 bound for Butterworth, Malaysia with 3,000 mt of palm oil. Four pirates boarded the barge and kidnapped all five crewmembers of the barge and landed them at Mesanak Island. Local police arrested the pirates.

The tug, unaware of the kidnap of the barge crew, continued sailing. Tug last contacted the owners on February 12,2004 at 1500 hrs. Thereafter, there is no communication from the tug and barge and it is feared they may have been hijacked by another gang of pirates. The fate of the tug's crew are unknown.

Description :

1. Tug : Singsing Mariner, port of registration: Pontianak, flag: Indonesia, grt : 91 mt, nrt: 54 mt, loa : 21.31 m, breadth: 6.90 m color : superstructure/accommodation: white, hull : black, below load line: black, funnel : white, deck : green

2. Barge : Kapuas 68, Kapuas 168, flag: Indonesia, port of registration: Pontianak, built : 1997, grt : 1274, nrt : 383 breadth : 18.29m, loa : 67.06m, draft: 4.27 m, color: deck: green, hull: blue

By now the tug / barge may have changed their names, flag and they may have been repainted.

Anyone sighting the tug or the barge are requested to inform the IMB piracy reporting center immediately. Contact details : Tel : +60 3 2031 0014 fax : +60 3 2078 5769 Telex : ma 31880 imbpci email : imbkl at

The center is manned 24 hours everyday. All information will be treated in strict confidence.

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