December 31, 2004

Athos I heads for Atlantic Marine

The M/V ATHOS I yesterday departed the Grows Terminal in Morrisville, Pa., with a temporary patch.

The vesselis now en route to AtlanticMarine Inc., Mobile, Ala., for permanent repairs.

Oil recovery operations will continue throughout the winter months. Cleanup progress is expected to be slowed by weather conditions.

Latest Updates

Over 1,700 responders are working in the command center and along the Delaware River.

83 vessels are deployed in the response effort.

49,695 gallons of oil and oily liquid and 1,817 gallons of submerged oil have been recovered.

4,573 tons of oily solids (cleanup materials and oil) have been collected.

23 waterfront facilities have been grossly decontaminated.

22 percent of the impacted shoreline has been grossly decontaminated.

Experts report 257 birds have been cleaned thus far; 155 birds have been released and 162 birds are reported deceased.

Oil has affected approximately 57 miles of shoreline from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge to south of the Smyrna River in Delaware, mainly light patches of oil and a very light sheen



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