December 21, 2004

MAN B&W Diesel power for Daewoo LNG ships

Four 210,000 cu.m LNG carriers ordered at Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering for 2007-2008 delivery will each feature two 6S70ME-C engines designed by MAN B&W Diesel. Each ship will also have four sets of MAN B&W Holeby 7L32/40 gensets.

The ships are specified with reliquefication plants to process the gas boil-off occurring between loading in Qatar and arrival at their destination in the United Kingdom.

Ole Groene, MAN B&W Diesel Vice President Two-stroke Sales and Marketing, says: "Significant cost benefits can be realised by LNG transporters by switching from a traditional steam turbine propulsion plant to reliable and fuel-efficient diesel engines and, in particular for large vessels, to electronically-controlled MAN B&W Diesel ME low speed diesel engines, when used in conjunction with reliquefaction of the cargo’s boil-off gas."

MAN B&W Diesel says its electronically-controlled ME engines are particularly attractive for LNG ships, whose lifetime could be 40 years. Great flexibility for fuel economy and emissions optimization is inherent in the design and the control system software can be updated routinely as required.

A pair of ME-type low speed engines, arranged to drive fixed pitch propellers via clutches, eliminates any concern over propulsion plant reliability and redundancy. Mobility is always ensured and maintenance can be done in port, says MAN B&W.

In the unlikely event that operation with only one engine should become necessary, the other ME engine is quite capable of accepting the apparently heavier propeller load.


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