December 20, 2004

Intelligence reform law has maritime provisions

The Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 signed into law Friday not only contains a number of widely publicized provisions dealing with reorganizations of U.S. intelligence agencies. It also contains a section that requires the preparation of a "National Strategy for Transportation Security."

Elsewhere, the Act calls for the creation of "a procedure under which the Department of Homeland Security compares information about passengers and crew who are to be carried aboard a cruise ship with a comprehensive, consolidated database containing information about known or suspected terrorists and their associates."

The aim is to prevent such persons boarding cruise ships "or to subject them to specific additional security scrutiny through the use of 'no transport' and 'automatic selkectee' lists or other means."

The Secretary of Homeland Security "shall by rulemaking require operators of cruise ships to provide the passenger and crew information necessary,"


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