USCG photo shows section of pipe retrieved from Delaware River

December 10, 2004

Spill suspect pipe retrieved

A section of pipe thought to have punctured the hull of the Athos I has been raised and taken to the Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Group in Philadelphia for further analysis.

Meantime, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientific support team has projected that oil spilled from the Athos I in the Delaware River could be seen as far south as Cape Henlopen, Delaware in the next few days.

Monitoring stations are in place and survey teams are keeping watch over the area for any indications of oil on the surface or in the water columns.

The Athos I has now been moved to the CITGO facility pier today in order to continue the offload of its oil cargo. The ship will then be moved to the Navy shipyard in Philadelphia so that the holes in the hull may be patched.


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