December 9, 2004

DRS lands major Navy power contracts

DRS Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: DRS), Parsippany, N.J.. announced today that it has received several new contracts with a combined value of approximately $38.5 million to design and produce electric power conversion, distribution and control equipment for next-generation and existing classes of U.S. Navy combatant surface ships and submarines.

DRS is the contracted supplier for key elements of the U.S. Navy DD(X) destroyer's electric drive system for the engineering and development models, including propulsion motors, drive controls and power electronics, as well as the packaged gas turbines. Key features of DRS's unique design include its removable magnet modules and segmented stators. With these line-replaceable units a motor does not have to be removed from the ship for repair or overhaul.

The contracts announced todaywere awarded to DRS by various U.S. Navy shipyards and prime defense contractors.

For these orders, DRS will design and manufacture variable- and fixed-speed motor control, propulsion system monitoring, and instrumentation and control equipment for low- and medium-voltage shipboard electric plants supporting U.S. Navy combatant submarines and surface ships.

The company also will design and provide prototype advanced solid-state power distribution components for next-generation ship and submarine use.

Work for these contracts will be performed by the company's DRS Power & Control Technologies unit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Danbury, Connecticut. Design work and product deliveries have commenced in the company's current fiscal quarter and are expected to be completed during fiscal 2006 through fiscal 2010.

"These awards reaffirm our leading position as a key supplier of power systems to the U.S. Navy shipbuilding industry and as a major participant in shaping the future of the Navy's high-performance integrated electrical systems," said Steven T. Schorer, president of DRS's C4I Group. "The ship propulsion, conversion, power control and distribution systems built by DRS under these and other contracts are vital elements of current and future classes of surface and submarine combatants. This work sustains our strategic intent to become a full-line supplier of comprehensive shipboard electric power plants systems and all associated integration and support services for new and updated legacy fleets."

Vital to supporting shipboard propulsion, machinery, power control and low-and medium-voltage distribution systems for current and future classes of Naval ships and submarines, the company's equipment is integral to the control of main propulsion and ship auxiliaries, and integrates advanced monitoring and controls across the electric plant.

DRS says its equipment will "facilitate realization of the U.S. Navy's vision of an electric warship utilizing a common ship power system architecture that can transfer electric power from propulsion and ship service systems to advanced electric weapons, sensors and countermeasures. The electric warship will provide an affordable leap-ahead capability, allowing U.S. Navy forces to maintain technical superiority in the 21st century.




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