December 8, 2004

Now Greenpeace says single hull phase out will cause pollution ...

Here's one that seems to fall into the category of "is there no pleasing this people?"

The Greenpeace environmentalist organization is now saying that the phase out of single hull tankers "will cause a new environmental disaster."

The point that Greenpeace is apparentlly making is that the flood of single hull tankers to be phased out under MARPOL will overwhelm world shipbreaking capabilities.

An analysis--Destination unknown: European single hull oil tankers...No place to go--released today by Greenpeace, warns of serious environmental contamination of Asian beaches as a result of thephase-out of single-hull oil tankers. The international environmental organization is calling on the European Union, which is responsible for one-third of such tankers, to take urgent action to protect human health and the environment in the world's shipbreaking yards.


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