December 14, 2002

RINA to offer ISPS services
Genoa, Italy, based classification society RINA and its subsidiary RINA Industry have joined forces with UK- and USA-based Global Marine Security Systems Company (GMSSCO) to provide shipowners and ports with the support and certification needed to comply with the new requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and relevant amendments to the SOLAS '74 Convention just adopted by the IMO.

Roberto Cazzulo, deputy director of RINA's marine division, says, "RINA has thought long and hard about how it can help owners and ports meet theirsecurity obligations. Our clients trust our knowledge of ships and certification, so we have entered into a long-term partnership with a company with complementary expertise in maritime security. Shipowners and ports can now work with a partner who they know understands their business,and also understands security requirements."

RINA is organizing itself to meet the requirements defined in the ISPS Code to act as a Recognized Security Organisation (RSO). Through this cooperation with GMSSCO, RINA intends to select, train and qualify a number of exclusive surveyors in early 2003. The training course will deal with all aspects of a new SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code and GMSSCO will provide expertise in relevant aspects of security. These auditors will be able to carry out verifications aboard ships and in companies for their security compliance.

Ports will be treated differently. RINA Industry, a company of the RINA Group, and GMSSCO, combining their expertise in different fields, will be able to undertake a comprehensive port security assessment, including hazard identification, risk and vulnerability assessments, consequence analyses and other specific technical analyses of all relevant passive and active means. These assessments will result in detailed Port Security Plans.

Fabio Ziliotto, general manager of RINA Industry, says, "After a careful study of potential partners we chose GMSSCO because its pragmatic approach is very close to the approach of our clients."

Aldwin Wight, manager of GMSSCO, says, "Most of the procedures to develop sound ship and port facility security plans already exist. We just need to capture this information, identifying the key vulnerable areas in the port and on board ships. The most important thing is not the paper work but to keep the matter as simple as possible and to ensure that these plans are effectively implemented on board and ashore."

GMSSCO has already started the implementation of the ISPS Code for a number of shipping companies and port facilities. This has been based on a simple flexible and cost-effective process for achieving IMO compliance.

GMSSCO is a UK- and US-based security company formed in 2001 to specifically address maritime security issues. The forming parties ETG, Tufton Oceanic and the HART Group have considerable experience in ship owning, operating, financing and maritime security as well as considerable expertise in the oil and gas industry and in other aspects of security including aviation.

GMSSCO managing director Lord Westbury will be a speaker at Marine Log's Maritime Security 2 conference in Washingon in January.

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