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May 1 2002

Yantai-Raffles set to deliver tugs, MSV
Voith Schneider Harbor Tug
Brian Chang's Yantai-Raffles Shipyard is about to add to its array of successful deliveries. It is set to deliver six Voith Schneider harbor tugs to Saudi Seaports and a 48m MSV to SMIT.

48m MSV for SMITLocated in Yantai, Shandong Province in northern China, the yard is headquartered in Singapore, where it manages marketing and business development.

The yard is currently building 20 vessels for various international owners. They includes five of the largest DP2 18,000 bhp Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessels for Tidewater, the second of two UT 719-T 16,000 bhp AHTS's for Klyne Tugs ( Lowestoft ) Ltd, UK, a 210 m, 400,000 bbl FSO ( Floating Storage Offloading Vessel ) for Total-Thailand/MODEC Japan Inc USA, an external turret unit for FMC/SOFEC Inc, USA and two CALM buoys.

Also under construction are five yachts including a 32 m aluminum sailing yacht, a 50 m pleasure yacht and a 88 m mega yacht The yard employs a total of 1,600 people including 300 graduates, of whom 70 are naval architects.

The yard will have a 10,000 work force within three years including subcontractors. The shipyard ‘s 430 m by 120 m dry dock,with two 370 m gantry s and the largest land based crane in the world, is now operational.

The three 3,000 bhp and three 4,000 bhp Voith Schneider harbor tugs that the yard will soon deliver to the Saudi Seaports Authority are34 m long. Designed by Marine Design & Research Institute, these vessels will be used for harbor and offshore berthing operations in ports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Red Sea or/and the Arabian Gulf coasts.

The propulsion consists of two air started main engines with two Voith Schneider 28 G II/185 propeller units with variable pitch, mounted in the fore ship.

These highly maneuverable vessels are designed for :

a) Shiphandling of all types of vessels, berthing, towing and pushing
b) Safe escorting of vessels and steering and braking assistance
c) Fire Fighting with excellent station keeping capabilities and oil pollution response
d) Extreme effective in stationary and dynamic conditions and working under severe weather conditions

The 48 m maintenance support vessel to be delivered toSMIT SALVOR B.V. is designed by Vyuk Kenton Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore. Its first job will be in Russian waters.

Designbed for operation in unrestricted waters it is intended for such multi-purpose roles as :

a) Tow/move drilling and workover safety rigs
b) Anchor Handling duties
c) External Fire Fighting duties
d) Salvage duties
e) Evacuate casualties
f) Rescue men fallen overboard

"Soll Tengiz" is being registered as an Anchor Handling Tug.

Power is by two main Wartsila 8L20 diesels, each developing an MCR of 1,958 bhp ( 1,440 kW ), @1,000 rev/min to give a total of 3,916 bhp
(2,800 kW ) continuous power. It can achieve a13 knots trials speed loaded to design draft and at least 50 tonnes bollard pull in the ahead condition. Each engine is provided with a PTO at front end of about 780 kW capacity to drive a fire pump via a step up gearbox complete with isolating clutch.

All navigation and communications equipment are from Furuno and are fitted in accordance to 1974 SOLAS as amended by the 1988 GMDSS conference. This vessel is equipped with navigation equipment to GMDSS Area 3.

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