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June 24, 2002

Zodiac offers bulletproof inflatable
Inflatable boat manufacturer Zodiac has unveiled Armorflate which, it says, is the world's first bullet- resistant system for Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC).

The inflatable Armorflate system made its debut at the 2002 Multi- Agency Craft Conference (MACC) on the Zodiac F470 CRRC inflatable boat, which has been used for decades by military and special forces operations worldwide. The Armorflate system is available with either soft or hard armor protection, made from a bulletproof material provided by Simula, Inc.).

"This inflatable bulletproof system will revolutionize the way combat and security missions are conducted on the water," said Rick Scriven, vice president of Zodiac Professional Products.

Brad Forest, president and CEO of Simula, Inc., said, "We believe that the Armorflate system is going to significantly expand Zodiac's product offering by giving their customers a dramatic increase in survivability for a wide range of applications."

The soft armor package can be folded and stored in minimal space and when needed can be inflated rapidly (about 40 seconds) to provide armor protection for CRRC occupants and the boat's inflatable tubes. Hard panels can be inserted in pockets on the inflated soft armor panels to provide upgraded protection. Armor panels provide protection to occupants from the waterline to approximately 18 inches (460 mm) above the rubber buoyancy tube of the boat.

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