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July 24,2002

EU project aims at "zero emission" passenger ship
A European Union project aims to provide the basis for a "safe and almost zero emission" cruise ship or ferry.

The Euro 15 million project, called SAFENVSHIP, aims to develop design methodologies and testing technologies that can be used in the development of future large passenger ships. It was launched earlier this month at the Genoa headquarters of Italian classification society RINA .

The project is being developed through the cooperative efforts of ten companies:

  • Fincantieri,
  • Carnival Corporate Shipbuilding,
  • Grimaldi Napoli,
  • RINA,
  • Wartsila
  • Rochem UF,
  • Scanship,
  • Safety at Sea,
  • Marintek and
  • Vienna Model Basin.

Fincantieri, which is coordinating the project, says "SAFENVSHIP is a good example of collaboration between shipyards, owners, class societies and manufacturers. We are joining forces to provide the basis for designing and building environmental friendly and safe passenger ships at an achievable cost. It is a challenge at which we are sure to succeed, because the team is made up of companies who are the world leaders in their market."

Ugo Salerno, CEO of RINA, says, "We are especially pleased to co-operate with this project, which builds on the technological lead in passenger ships which we have developed with our partners in the Italian maritime cluster and the international cruise ship industry. This project fits neatly with our policy of developing ever more environmentally friendly ships."

SAFENVSHIP, part of the Eureka R&D project, which is planned to be completed by September 2004, covers issues connected with fire and structural safety, evacuation, reduction of emissions into the air and minimisation of releases to the sea.

Besides the general management, Fincantieri will be in charge of the design aspects; RINA will be in charge of the fire safety aspects and of all the regulatory issues; Carnival and Grimaldi will be in charge of the impact of the new technologies on ship operations respectively on cruise ships and on ro-ro passenger ships; Wartsila will be looking at further reduction of emissions from the engines; Rochem UF and Scanship will explore promising technologies for (black and gray) water treatment and waste incineration; Safety at Sea will primariuly be involved with; Marintek and Vienna Model Basin will be in charge of an exhaustive model test program related to structural safety and to the effect of wind and waves on the ship stability.

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