July 18, 2003

Anderson wins ferry design contract
Art Anderson Associates in Bremerton, Washington has won the contract to develop the prototype vessel and docking system for a fast passenger-only ferry service between locations in Kitsap County and Seattle, Washington.

The vessel goal is to design a ferry that will travel at high-speeds while producing a low-wake by utilizing state-of-the-art hull and foil technologies.

These vessels will carry 149 passengers, and will establish a new standard for low wake and fuel economy, while achieving high-speed transit and short headways. In addition to regional and national designers, the competition for this state-of-the-art vessel and docking system attracted firms from England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The Art Anderson Associates' team drew on recent research in advanced composite dock systems; advanced hull form research including foil-assisted catamarans; and more than a decade of low wash vessel design to demonstrate their capabilities to complete this contract. Additional strength came from previous employees now in Vallejo, Capetown and New York, all specialists in key aspects of passenger ferry systems.

Eric Anderson, CEO, stressed that "the competitive edge from producing a technology-leading product far exceeds the contract dollar value to the firm, and will also provide an excellent opportunity for boat builders to increase sales following the development of the prototype." Guiding the project for Art Anderson Associates is naval architect Andy Bennett, P.E., with civil engineer Rob Henry, P.E. leading dock systems design.

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