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March 1, 2002

Canadian electronics firm enters seaport security market
Canada's Northstar Electronics, Inc., says it is entering the war against terrorist threats to seaports and ships.

Company president, Wilson Russell, PhD., said today, "We will apply our extensive experience and expertise in underwater electronics to the development of naval and harbor protection systems, which is an area of increasing importance."

The new addition to Northstar's business model is to offer the extensive expertise gained with the successful development of our NETMIND underwater communications system to large defense contractors seeking solutions for anti-terrorism and security threats. Primarily, Northstar will specialize in designing and building prototype hardware and in manufacturing the commercial systems.

Northstar is already established in the defense sector having carried out three contracts to date for Lockheed Martin, Manassas, Virginia for the manufacture of submarine control consoles.

Dr. Russell further notes, "We are focused on a niche area of sonar and wireless technology with applications in the defense sector. The security industry is growing worldwide and we intend to be active participants in that growth."