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Pimentel joins Brynestad in cruise venture
Atle Brynestad, the Norwegian industrialist who founded the former Seabourn Cruise Line, sold it to Cunard, and recently repurchased two of its vessels, has announced that Larry Pimentel will become co-owner, chairman and CEO of SeaDream Yacht Club.

SeaDream will operate the former Seabourn Goddess I and II, which will be known as SeaDream I and SeaDream II.

Pimentel was president and CEO of Carnival's Cunard Line Limited until February 2001..

Pimentel said he was "thrilled to rejoin my close entrepreneurial friend and associate Atle Brynestad in this exciting new club venture."

"We will operate the twin yachts on their existing published schedules through the end of April 2002 at highly favorable rates until they are entirely refurbished," he said.

"In May 2002 we will totally refit and refurbish these yachts for an exciting reincarnation," he said. "We cannot discuss that re-birth now, but we promise to provide the unexpected. The product to be introduced will not be a cruise line product, but an extraordinary, ultra luxury, mega yachting experience not currently available."

Korean yard to build four AHTS's for Swire Pacific
So you thought Korean yards only built VLCC's, LNG carriers and giant containerships? Korean sources report that INP Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.,is to build four Anchor Handfling Tug Supply Vessels for Swire Pacific Offshore, Singapore.

INP Heavy Industries is the former Cheung Ku Marine Industrial Co. It filed for bankruptcy protection in the Ulstan District Court something over two years ago and was susbequently resurrected as a debt-free entity with the aid of an injection of some $20 million of foreign capital.

The Swire contracts reportedly call for completion of four 11,000 hp AHTS's at a price of about $18.3 million apiece.Each vessel will be able to carry more than 2,000 tons of various cargos including dry bulk cargo and liguid mud.

The vessels will have full DPS (dynamic positioning) and twin 5,500 hp engines for a 16 knots service speed and 130 tons bollard pull capacity.

INP Heavy Industries's orderbook also includes four 7,500 hp OSV's for Swire Pacific (with an option for two more) and one 5.500 hp OSV for Norway's Farstad Shipping.

Korean yards set to increase labor force
Major Korean shipbuilders are to increase their labor force to meet growing demand, says the Korea Times.

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Samsung Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering reportedly lack the labor needed to deal with a two-year backlog or orders for new ships.

Hyundai Heavy Industries reportedly plans to add 200 new workers to its workforce in the latter part of the year