FEBRUARY 1 & 2, 2005

Vessel owners and port authorities are now working in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Marine and Transportation Security Act (MTSA) and the International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS).

But coming into compliance with the initial requirements of MTSA and ISPS is only the start of the story. Industry players are now going to have to stay in compliance with what promises to be an ever-evolving regulatory framework.

The good news in all this is that many of the steps needed to strengthen security will also help to enhance the efficiency of port and maritime operations. Thus early warning of what a ship will be carrying and precise knowledge of when it will arrive will not only have a security benefit, but should help cut down on port delays.

Meantime, though, the security threat to ports and vessels remains very, very real. This is underscored by incidents such as the attack on the tanker Limburg, the bombing of the Philippines Superferry 14 and recent reports suggesting that a major U.S. ferry system has been under terrorist surveillance.

Any failure of maritime security could result in a shut down of maritime transportation having economic consequences at least as devastating as the initial incident itself.

Marine Log’s MARITIME & PORT SECURITY 2005 will look at the nature and extent of current security threats and at how individual ports and shipping operations can develop their own assessments of how their specific operations are at risk.

The two day conference will review initial implementation of ISPS/MTSA and consider how maritime and port security legislation and regulation is likely to evolve in the immediate future.

The program will consider what is involved with ongoing compliance with the new security regime.

Acknowledged experts will look at what technology and systems are available to enhance maritime security and at what synergies exist between enhanced security and more efficient trade and cargo flows. The program will look at how the technology meshes with various government initiatives such as CT-PAT and CSI.

The conference will also analyze what funding sources are available to help ports and operators upgrade their security.

Sponsorship opportunities and tabletop displays are available.