VIDEO: Crane raises tug that sank near Tappan Zee Bridge MARCH 24, 2016 — New York local news stations today showed footage of the 84 ft tugboat Specialist slowly being raised from beneath the Tappan Zee Bridge. The tug sank March 12 after slamming into a stationary construction barge near the bridge (see earlier story). The body of the captain,…

Kulluk anchored in safe harbor after tow

JANUARY 8, 2013 —  Unified Command confirmed yesterday that the Kulluk has arrived in its final safe harbor location in Kiliuda Bay where it will undergo assessment. At approximately 12:15 p.m. Alaska Time yesterday the Kulluk’s anchor was lowered to the bottom of the Bay.

Unified Command also confirmed:

Support vessels Alert, Lauren Foss and Corbin Foss remain connected to the Kulluk.

The Aiviq has disconnected from the Kulluk but is standing by.

A Coast Guard overflight yesterday did not observe any sheen in the vicinity.

The Warrior, Ocean Wave, Perseverance, Nanuq and Alex Haley are standing by.

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